Super Bowl advertising controversy

February 2, 2010

Most sit down to watch their favorite teams battle it out, but in recent years viewers have come to expect that game day will include a series of entertaining advertisements.

However, there are a few commercials that won’t see the light of your television screen this Sunday.

According to web reports a commercial for a Gay-dating site, a spot that features a football player who finds his  feminine side and spot created for the text-and-answer service, KGB have been rejected by CBS due to their content.

Dr. Michael Maynard, chair of the advertising department, said networks have the right to deny controversial advertisements

Although the network’s decision has received a lot of media attention,  Michael Maynard, chair of the advertising department at Temple University,  says media outlets are well within their right to deny commercials that fall outside of their advertising policy.

While a good lawyer can argue for the inclusion of the spots, rejection is a normal part of the advertising business, he said.

Still, the cheeky ads have a good chance of being aired on networks on the other end of the dial. You’ll just have to pay to see them.

“They’ll probably end up on cable, it’s more forgiving,” Maynard said. “They have a better chance of being aired there.”

– Jazmyn Burton


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