June 2, 2010

Lori Tharps, author and associate professor of journalism. (photo by John Barone)

Lori Tharps, associate professor of journalism at Temple University, will appear on “Today” on June 3 to discuss the politics of black hair in the workplace.

It’s been decades since the Black Power Movement of the 60s issued in a new pride in the natural texture of African American hair. Back then it wasn’t uncommon for women and men to wear their hair in large, textured styles that symbolized the political climate of the day. Fast forward a few decades and attitudes towards Black Hair seem to have shifted.

In her book “Hair Story – Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in American”  Tharps and co-writer Ayanna Byrd tackle serious questions about hair in the African American community

“Hair Story contextualizes, demystifies and explains the significance of Black hair in American popular culture. With chapters that cover the history, politics, culture and business of Black hair, Hair Story should be required reading for every American.”

If you miss Tharps appearance on “Today” you can learn more about her work on the following sites :





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