Cross-cultural creativity: TUJ students create Philly rapper’s video

July 9, 2010

Students from Temple University’s Japan campus have just completed a project that epitomizes the nature of 21st century collaboration.

A 20-person team based at TUJ spent four months working with Philadelphia-based indie rap artist Legrand to create a music video for his single “Virtual Love.”

Launched today on YouTube, the one-shot video focuses solely on a computer screen, as a mouse arrow navigates through dozens of web, multimedia and social media applications in synch with the song’s hip hop beat.

The TUJ students’ artistic talents are on display at every turn. At one point, a pencil sketch of Legrand becomes part of his virtual avatar during a Second Life concert. Social media connections such as Tweets from Kanye West, Skype calls from Andre 3000 of Outkast and shout-outs from popular YouTube videographers are layered on screen.

The video demonstrates how technology enables cost-effective collaborations where everybody wins: Legrand can boast a creative and attention-grabbing showcase, the students receive real experience in producing a video for a professional artist and viewers are treated to an entertaining and innovative music video.
Kyle Bagenstose

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