The business of change

July 12, 2010

Your arts and culture connoisseurs here at CherryTArts just found out that the architecture department recently introduced a new program focused on facilities management, which allows architecture students to take classes in law, business and statistics.

Once you’ve got the building up, someone has to make sure the daily operations run smoothly, right? It seems that architecture isn’t just about drafting and design anymore. The degree was designed in response to the growing and lucrative field of facilities management, which has evolved from building maintenance and janitorial services to a more complex profession involving real estate and capital asset development and management.

The four year Bachelor of Science in Facility Management was  developed in collaboration with the Fox School of Business and Management.  The first  two years of the  program are common to the BS Architecture and the BS Architectural Preservation.

Is this indicative of a new trend in the architecture schools across the country ? Stay tuned to find out.

J. Burton

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