Music as Medicine

January 28, 2010

Last night, the School of Medicine hosted a special lecture on the Humanities in Medicine, featuring a presentation by Cheryl Dileo, director of the Arts and Quality of Life Center at the Boyer College of Music and Dance. Dileo has done extensive research on the use of music therapy to help in the healing process as well as help doctors decompress after the stress of dealing with difficult cases.

Dileo said that music and medicine, while relying on two completely different skill sets, are not so different in the end.

“They both require intense concentration and practice. In fact, many people who go into medicine are often musicians, and I’ve heard many doctors say they had to make the difficult decision of whether to persue a career in music, or medicine.”

One adjunct professor in the department of cell anatomy and biology, Fawzi Habboushe, didn’t really have to make that decision; he’s the conductor of the Philadelphia Doctor’s Chamber Orchestra.

– Renee Cree


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Nicole Wilson, a student in the Tyler School of Art, received a research grant todandelion spend 10-weeks attempting to create a pink dandelion.

The dandelions will be growing in a shelving unit that extends from floor to ceiling in the Archive Space at the Crane Arts Building in Philadelphia.

The goal is to create a dandelion that will be capable of sowing its seeds with other dandelions to create a new breed.

Track Nicole’s progress here :

– Jazmyn Burton

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