Curtain up

December 4, 2009

Each year, college campuses around the country hold productions of Eve Enslers’ The Vagina Monologues, a series of first person monologues delivered by women that focus on a wide variety of topics – love, sexuality, abuse – and has inspired something of a grassroots movement in V-Day, an event held in early February to raise awareness of violence against women.

This year, Temple is hosting its own production, and I’ll be a part of it.  My name is Renee Cree, and I’m a writer in Temple’s communications department.  I have not been on stage in almost 10 years, and that was as a nun in the Sound of Music.  Now I’ll be portraying a Bosnian rape victim, who talks about her attacks at the hands of invading soldiers.

A bit of a switch, I’ll admit.  But I’ll be documenting it here on CherryTArts.  Feel free to follow along as I navigate my way through the theatrical process for the first time in a decade, and try to become a person I know nothing about.

First rehersal is this Sunday night.  Wish me luck!

~ Renee