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July 31, 2009


A student in Fabian Lopez’s (MFA Tyler, 09) painting class puts the finishing touches on a still-life.

On Tuesday afternoon, several students in the Arts Start program stood behind large canvases set up throughout Fabian Lopez’s teaching studio in the Tyler School of Art, putting finishing touches on still-life paintings.

No two of the works look alike. Some of the colorful compositions are more abstract than others, but they all show growth and improvement, said Lopez.

“They are very talented and creative,” said Lopez, showing off a portfolio of his student’s work. “I wasn’t fortunate enough to have access to arts resources. It’s important for young artists to attend programs like this one. It helps them grow.”

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Ky with Fan photo by Gabriel BienczyckiThis year, the Painted Bride recognized dancer/choreographer/master teacher Kun-Yang Lin for his inspiring work as an artists and community leader.

Kun-Yang Lin, a relative newcomer to Philadelphia, arrived in the city in 2003 to began teaching in Boyer College of Music and Dance.

Not content to limit his instruction to a university setting, Lin opened the Chi Movement Arts Center in South Philly two years ago with his partner Ken Metzner. The space has become a hub for dance education in the neighborhood and serves as a home base for Lin’s thriving company, Kun-Yang Lin / Dancers.

Glassblowing at Temple

July 27, 2009

Ever want to see the process by which a piece of glass becomes a piece of art? Check out this quick video a Tyler School of Art glassblowing class.

sidebar-temple-190Sponsored by Temple and the Tyler School of Art, the North Philadelphia Arts and Culture Alliance is dedicated to promoting the diverse arts and culture organizations of North Philadelphia, and establishing this district as a destination for cultural, visual and performing arts. We strive to inspire professional, organizational, and cross-cultural collaboration and exchange, and to promote awareness of our resources to the surrounding community and beyond through accessible literature, programs and events.

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-Jazmyn Burton

Nicole Wilson, a student in the Tyler School of Art, received a research grant todandelion spend 10-weeks attempting to create a pink dandelion.

The dandelions will be growing in a shelving unit that extends from floor to ceiling in the Archive Space at the Crane Arts Building in Philadelphia.

The goal is to create a dandelion that will be capable of sowing its seeds with other dandelions to create a new breed.

Track Nicole’s progress here :

– Jazmyn Burton

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A chorus of children’s voices filled the Hancock St. John’s Learning Center invoices North Philadelphia on a Friday night in June as students involved in the Hear Our Voices music therapy program celebrated their CD release party.

In call-and-response form, the group members — who call themselves “The Golden Angels” — sang the lyrics to a song dedicated to Barack Obama as their parents, family members and friends listened and cheered them on.

When the 14-week program began this spring, some of the children were shy about participating in the after-school song-writing sessions. But by the evening of the CD release party, they were confident and ready to share their newly honed talent with an enthusiastic audience. Such a transformation is common when children are given an opportunity express themselves in a supportive environment, said Joke Bradt, assistant director of the Arts and Quality of Life Program.

“Through the creative process, they come away with very important life lessons,” said Bradt. “But it doesn’t happen because of adults preaching or telling them what to do. It happens in a very creative and fun way — they discover themselves through the creative process.”

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